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Playing blackjack is one of the preferred games for advantage casino gamblers because it is the one and only casino game where the player can actually hold an advantage over the house. This apples to playing blackjack in a land based casino of course with proper blackjack strategy and advanced level card counting.

With Bitcoin blackjack and most other online blackjack games its not possible to count cards because the cards and or the decks are shuffled by the casino software before each hand of blackjack is dealt to the players. You can still follow basic blackjack strategy at Bitcoin casinos and this will reduce the house edge to less the .6%.

What is Bitcoin Blackjack?

Playing blackjack for BTC (also known as Bitcoin blackjack) is when you play blackjack online with Bitcoins instead of playing 21 for fiat currency. You can play blackjack for Bitcoins at any of the web’s most well known Bitcoin casinos. is one of the very first bitcoin blackjack guides dedicated to playing online blackjack with real BTC.

What are Bitcoin Casinos? has a page explaining how Bitcoin casinos work and how to make BTC deposits with an Internet casino. Read their BTC casino guide to find secure Bitcoin casinos that hold current gaming licenses with a trusted online gambling regulating body. When playing blackjack on the web you only should do so with well known & trusted BTC casinos.

Is Online Blackjack Legal?

The legality of online blackjack varies greatly from one location to the next. It is legal to play blackjack online in many countries on a Federal level such as how the United Kingdom regulates online gambling through the UK Gambling Commission. While other countries like the United States have yet to make Internet blackjack legally regulated on a Federal level there are already many states in which you are able to play legal blackjack online such as Nevada and New Jersey just to name a couple of them.

Learn How to Play Blackjack from Experts

Are you ready to start taking the game seriously? The Wizard of Odds (Michael Shackelford) offers players one of the most comprehensive blackjack strategy guides for players of all skill levels. Learn basic blackjack strategy and find strategy charts for all different types of blackjack games from single and double deck to 4, 6 and 8 deck shoes. Mr Shackelford is an actuary and world renowned expert on betting odds and the mathematics of gambling games. teaches players how to play blackjack from day one all the way up to advanced card counting, card tracking and shuffle tracking techniques. is a good site for beginner blackjack players and professionals looking for higher level strategies.


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